Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Molten silver ringsimple silver, sterling silver ringsimple silver, size 6



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Molten meltsilver, meltfrozen meltinto melta meltwork meltof meltart. meltTiny meltdrops meltof meltsilver meltmelt melttogether meltto meltform meltthe melttop meltof meltthis meltinteresting meltand meltunique meltring.When meltI meltlook meltat meltit meltI meltsee meltforms meltemerge meltand meltdisappear, melttiny meltdrops meltcreating melta meltwhole. meltThis meltparticular meltring melthas melta meltdouble meltband, meltjoined meltat meltthe meltbottom. melt meltThe melttop meltis melta melttriangular meltmountain meltof meltdroplets, meltthin meltand meltwide. melt meltThe meltinterest meltand meltdrama meltof meltthis meltring meltare meltunmatched!Each meltof meltthese meltrings meltis meltmade meltin meltwax meltby meltme, meltthen meltcast. meltI meltam meltnot meltmolding meltthem meltso melteach meltwill meltbe meltslightly meltdifferent. meltYou meltwill meltreceive meltthe meltpictured meltring.I meltoxidized meltthe meltring meltand meltthen melttumbled meltit meltdown meltto melta meltvery meltfaint meltgray. meltStunning!Ring meltis meltsize melt6 meltUS, meltM meltBritish, melt52 melt3/4 meltFrench, melt16 melt1/2 meltGerman, melt12 meltJapanese, melt12 melt3/4 meltSwiss.It meltmeasures melt3 meltmm meltat meltits meltmost meltnarrow meltpoint, melt4 meltmm meltat meltthe meltwidest meltpoint.

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