Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Green Florite Necklaceblue cricket design, Boho Necklaceblue cricket design, Crystal Charm Necklaceblue cricket design, Antique Bronze Chain



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This green floritenecklace green floritefeatures green floritethe green floritebest green floriteof green floritehandmade green floriteEtsy! green floriteA green floriteunique green floritecombination green floriteof green floritewood green floriteframed green floritesilhouette green floritethat green floritehas green floritebeen green floritehand green floritewrapped green floritewith green floriteembroidery green floritefloss. green floriteThen green floritea green floritehand green floriteselected green floritecrystal green floritehas green floritebeen green floriteadded. green floriteAn green floriteantique green floritebronze green floritechain green floriteand green floriteembellishments green floritefinish green floritethe green floritelook. green floriteThis green floritenecklace green floritefeatures green floritea green floriteGreen green floriteFlorite green floritecharm green floritemeasuring green floriteapproximately green florite.5”. green floriteThe green floritewooden green floriteframe green floritemeasures green floriteapproximately green florite2” green floritelong green floriteby green florite1.25” green floritewide green floriteand green floritehangs green floritefrom green floritea green florite15” green floritechain. green floriteAll green floritemeasurements green floriteare green floriteapproximate. green floriteEnjoy green floritefree green floriteshipping green floritein green floritethis green floriteitem!

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