Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1930s glass rhinestone brooch on filigree brass with leaves . evil eye inspired designvintage 1930s, heavyvintage 1930s, possibly Czechvintage 1930s, Edwardian revival



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Absolutely vintage 1930sgorgeous vintage 1930sbrooch, vintage 1930scirca vintage 1930s1930s. vintage 1930sIt vintage 1930sfeatures vintage 1930sblue vintage 1930sand vintage 1930sgreen vintage 1930sfaceted vintage 1930sglass vintage 1930srhinestones vintage 1930s(Czech, vintage 1930sI vintage 1930sbelieve) vintage 1930ssurrounded vintage 1930sby vintage 1930stiny vintage 1930sleaves vintage 1930son vintage 1930sa vintage 1930sfiligree vintage 1930sbrass vintage 1930ssetting. vintage 1930sThe vintage 1930sshape vintage 1930sreminds vintage 1930sme vintage 1930sof vintage 1930san vintage 1930sevil vintage 1930seye vintage 1930sdesign. vintage 1930sExcellent vintage 1930scondition, vintage 1930sno vintage 1930sflaws. vintage 1930sI vintage 1930shaven't vintage 1930scleaned vintage 1930sit- vintage 1930sI vintage 1930sprefer vintage 1930sto vintage 1930sleave vintage 1930sthat vintage 1930sup vintage 1930sto vintage 1930sthe vintage 1930sbuyer. vintage 1930sThe vintage 1930sbrooch vintage 1930sis vintage 1930sthick vintage 1930sand vintage 1930sheavy. vintage 1930sMeasures vintage 1930s2.5" vintage 1930swide vintage 1930sx vintage 1930s1.75" vintage 1930stall. vintage 1930sBetter vintage 1930sin vintage 1930sperson- vintage 1930sthe vintage 1930scolors vintage 1930sare vintage 1930ssaturated vintage 1930slike vintage 1930scandy!Ships vintage 1930sin vintage 1930sa vintage 1930sgift vintage 1930sbox.I vintage 1930scombine vintage 1930sshipping vintage 1930son vintage 1930smultiple vintage vintage 1930sis vintage 1930sfirm.Q1

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