Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 60's HIPPY Flower Pin / 70's Enamel FLOWER POWER Pin / Your Choicepsychedelic, one or both



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Offered enameled flowerhere enameled floweris enameled floweryour enameled flowerchoice enameled flowerof enameled flowerone enameled floweror enameled flowerboth enameled flowerof enameled flower2 enameled flowerflower enameled flowerpins enameled flowerfrom enameled flowerthe enameled flowerPSYCHEDELIC enameled flowerera enameled flowerof enameled flowerthe enameled flower1960's enameled floweror enameled flowerearly enameled flower1970's. enameled flower1) enameled flowerThe enameled flowersilver enameled flowerflower enameled flowerwith enameled flowerthe enameled flowerpearl enameled flowercenter enameled flowerhas enameled flowerboth enameled flowera enameled flowermatte enameled flowerand enameled flowershiny enameled flowerfinish enameled flowerin enameled flowera enameled flowervery enameled flowerthree enameled flowerdimensional enameled flowerdesign. enameled flowerIt enameled flowerappears enameled flowerthat enameled flowerthere enameled flowerwas enameled floweroriginally enameled flowera enameled flowerstem enameled flowerin enameled flowerthe enameled flowerback enameled flowerbut enameled flowerit enameled flowerhas enameled flowerbroken enameled floweroff. enameled flowerMeasures enameled flowerjust enameled flowerunder enameled flower2 enameled flower1/2\u201d enameled flowerdiameter2) enameled flowerThis enameled flowerbrooch enameled flowerhas enameled flowertwo enameled flowershades, enameled flowerpale enameled floweryellow enameled flowerflower enameled flowerwith enameled flowera enameled flowerhot enameled flowerpink enameled flowerborder!Measures enameled flowerjust enameled flowerover enameled flower3 enameled flower1/2\u201d enameled flowerlong enameled flowerx enameled flower2 enameled flower1/2\u201d enameled flowerwidthBut enameled flowerboth enameled flowerfor enameled flower$42

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