Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mushroom pin, Original by Robert 60’s Mushroom Pin / Vintage 1960’s HIPPY Pin / 70's Enamel DESIGNER Pin



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This enameled floweris enameled flowerenameled enameled flowerpin enameled floweris enameled flowerfrom enameled flowerthe enameled flowerPSYCHEDELIC enameled flowerera enameled flowerof enameled flowerthe enameled flower1960's enameled floweror enameled flowerearly enameled flower1970's enameled flowerwhen enameled flowermushrooms enameled flowerwere enameled flowera enameled flowerway enameled flowerto enameled flowerescape enameled flowerreality!It enameled flowerhas enameled flowera enameled flowerblack enameled flowermushroom enameled flowercap enameled flowerwhite enameled flowerpolka enameled flowerdots enameled flowerand enameled flowera enameled flowernatural enameled flowercolored enameled flowerstem. enameled flowerThe enameled flowerback enameled flowerhas enameled flowera enameled flowercartouche enameled flowerwhere enameled flowerthe enameled flowerdesigner enameled flowerhas enameled flowerput enameled flowerhis enameled flowername enameled flower\u201cOriginal enameled flowerby enameled flowerRobert.\u201c enameled flowerIn enameled flowergreat enameled flowercondition.Great enameled flowerhippie enameled flowerbrooch enameled flowerfor enameled floweryour enameled flowerWoodstock enameled flowercostume! enameled flowerMeasures enameled flower1.5 enameled flowerinches enameled flowerlong enameled flowerx enameled flower1 enameled flowerinches enameled flowerwidth.

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