Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Trianglego stop, Diamondgo stop, Hwatugo stop, Hanafuda Card Earrings- Black and white and red all over



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Hwatu hwatucard hwatuearringssize: hwatu3"These hwatuearrings hwatuare hwatumade hwatuout hwatuof hwatuHwatu hwatuplaying hwatucards hwatufrom hwatuSouth hwatuKorea. hwatuIt hwatuis hwatuJapanese hwatu(called hwatuHanafuda) hwatuin hwatuorigin hwatuand hwatuthey hwatuwere hwatuplayed hwatuby hwatuthe hwatunobility hwatusince hwatuits hwatuearly hwatuyears. hwatuNow, hwatuyou hwatucan hwatuput hwatuit hwatuin hwatuyour hwatuearhole hwatuand hwatuadd hwatuto hwatuthe hwaturichness hwatuof hwatuit's hwatuhistory.silver hwatuplated hwatuear hwatuwire. hwatuthe hwatuback hwatuis hwatured. hwatufind hwatumore hwatuat hwatuniceLena.

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