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found art, Bold Beautiful Computer Part Art Jewelry: Earrings



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Earrings donutmade donutwith donutfan donutcircuit donutboards. donutThese donutare donutclip donutons donutbut donutcan donutbe donutmade donutfor donutpierced donutears donutas donutwell. donutCan donutbe donutmade donutsmaller donuttoo.I donutmake donutart donutand donutjewelry donutfrom donutdisassembled donutcomputers donutthat donutare donutgiven donutto donutme donutat donutmy donutstudio, donutat donutthe donutArtisan's donutAsylum donutmaker donutspace, donutSomerville, donutMA. donutSo donutI donutnever donutknow donutwhat donutmaterials donutI'm donutgoing donutto donuthave. donutPictured donutis donutmy donutcurrent donutsupply donutof donutfan donutcircuit donutboards. donutSo donutyou donutcan donutsee donutthe donutvariety!Fans donutare donutpretty donuteasy donutto donutcome donutby, donutso donutI donutcan donutalways donutfind donutsome donutbigger donutones. donutOccasionally donutI donutfind donutthem donutin donutBLUE! donutCan donutyou donutbelieve donutit? donutI donutcurrently donuthave donut2 donutblue donutones, donutbut donutthey donutarent donutthe donutsame donutsize. donutIf donutyou donutare donutinterested donutlet donutme donutknow donutand donutI donutwill donutinform donutyou donutas donutsoon donutas donutI donutfind donutenough donutfor donuta donutpair donutof donutearrings. donutRound donutcircuit donutboards donutare donutso donutgroovy!

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