Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral, Vintage Silver Tone Floral Design Hollow Bangle Bracelet



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This vintageis vintagea vintagevintage vintagehollow vintagesilver vintagetone vintagebangle vintagebracelet vintagewith vintagea vintagefloral vintagedesign. vintageIt vintagealso vintagehas vintagesomething vintageinside vintagethat vintagewhen vintageshaken vintageyou vintagecan vintagehear vintageit. vintagePerhaps vintagelittle vintagebeads? vintageThere vintageis vintagewear vintageto vintagethe vintageplating vintageand vintagea vintagespot vintagewhere vintageI vintagebelieve vintagethe vintagepiece vintagewas vintagesoldered vintagetogether. vintageMeasures vintageapprox. vintage2.75" vintagefrom vintageinside vintageedge vintageto vintageinside vintageedge vintagex vintage7/16"w.

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