Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, Vintage Silver Tone Round Bead Necklace



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This beadedis beadeda beadedvintage beadedsilver beadedtone beadedround beadedbead beadednecklace. beadedIt beadedhas beadeda beadednice beadedheft beadedto beadedit beadedwith beadedeach beadedof beadedthe beadedbeads beadedstrung beadedon beadedmetal beadedchain. beadedThe beadednecklace beadedis beadedin beadednice beadedcondition beadedwith beadedno beadeddamage beadedto beadedthe beadedbeads beadedand beadedthe beadedsilver beadedtone beadedplating beadedis beadedbright beadedand beadedintact. beadedThe beadednecklace beadedmeasures beaded16"l. beadedbut beadedis beadedadjustable beadeddown beadedto beadedapprox. beaded13"l.

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