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Perfect marchfor marchthe marchPisces marchin marchyour marchlife marchwith marcha marchBirthday marchbetween marchFebruary march21st marchand marchMarch march20th. marchNecklace marchcomprised marchof marcha marchthick marchdetailed marchbrass marchPisces marchfish marchastrology marchcharm marchhanging marchfrom marchan marchornate marchpleated marchbrass marchgarland marchand marchgold marchplated marchchain. marchNecklace marchwas marchdesigned marchand marchhand marchassembled marchby marchMary marchAndrews, marchBrooklyn marchdweller.DETAILS:Necklace marchis marchlight marchweight, marchchain marchmeasures march19 marchinches marchin marchtotal marchlength, marchand marchcharm marchhangs marchan marchadditional march1 march1/2 marchinches marchfrom marchgarland.Traditional marchPisces marchTraits:* marchImaginative marchand marchsensitive* marchCompassionate marchand marchkind* marchSelfless marchand marchunworldly* marchIntuitive marchand marchsympathetic* marchEscapist marchand marchidealistic* marchSecretive marchand marchvague* marchWeak-willed marchand marcheasily marchled marchSPECIAL marchNOTES:--------------------------* marchNeed marchmore marchthan marchone? marchContact marchme marchif marchyou marchare marchinterested marchin marchmultiples marchof marchthis marchor marchany marchitem marchlisted marchin marchthe marchshop.* marchThanks marchso marchmuch marchfor marchtaking marcha marchpeek marchand marchplease marchhave marcha marchlook marcharound marchthe marchrest marchof marchthe marchshop: marchcontrary..

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