Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

binary, Geek Love Binary Collection Sterling Ring



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This customgeektastic custom4.5mm customwide customsterling customsilver customring customfeatures customthe customword custom'love' customhand-stamped customin custombinary customcode. customPerfect customfor customthe customnerdy customapple customof customyour customeye customor customfor customyourself, customon customthe customoccasion customof customyour customengagement customto customWikipedia. customIf customyou're customnot customfeeling customthe customlove, customask customabout customrings customdeclaring customyour customown customchoice customfour-letter customwords. customI customcan customalso customdo custominitials, customor custompairs customof customthem.Please customchoose customsize customand customfinish customwhen customordering. customAlso, customplease customnote customif customyou customwould customlike customthe customring customto custombe customstamped customwith customyour customown customword custom(or custominitials) customof customup customto customfour customletters. customIf customyou customdo customnot customspecify, customyour customring customwill custombe customstamped customwith customthe customcode customfor custom"love".Ask customabout customa customcustom customorder customin custom14 customor custom18 customkarat customgold!

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