Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teardrop, Vintage Crown Trifari Gold Tone Teardrop Shaped Rhinestone Earrings



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These gold toneare gold tonebeautiful, gold tonevintage gold tonecrown gold toneTrifari gold toneearrings gold tonedone gold tonein gold tonea gold toneteardrop gold toneshape. gold toneThey gold toneare gold tonegold gold tonetone gold tonein gold tonecolor gold toneand gold toneare gold toneset gold tonewith gold toneclear, gold tonefaceted gold tonerhinestones. gold toneThe gold toneearrings gold tonemeasure gold tone1.25"l. gold tonex gold tone1"w. gold toneand gold toneare gold tonefor gold tonepierced gold toneears. gold toneNice gold tonecondition gold tonewith gold toneno gold tonewear gold toneto gold tonethe gold toneplating gold toneand gold toneno gold tonedamage gold toneto gold tonethe gold tonerhinestones.

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