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feather, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Cream Suede and Taupe Leather



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Two featherlayers featherof featherrecycled feathersuede featherand featherleather feathermake featherup featherthese featherbeautiful featherlightweight featherearrings. featherEach featherpair featheris featherhand feathercut featherand featherfringed featherin feathermy featherhome featherstudio. featherThey featherdangle featherfrom featherantique featherbrass featherfrench featherstyle featherear featherwires featherand featherwill featherarrive featheron featheran featherearring feathercard featherwith featherclear featherrubber featherbacks. featherMeasurements: featherEarring feathermeasures feather3 feather1/2\u201d featherfrom feathertop featherof featherear featherwire. featherLeather featherfeathers feathermeasure feather2 feather1/2\u201d featherlong featherx feather1 feather1/4\u201d featherwide.

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