Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bridal jewelry, Swarovski Crystal Simply Sparkling Ball Necklace



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This goldnecklace goldis goldsimple goldand goldelegant. gold goldGreat goldfor goldeveryday goldwear.\r\rFeatures gold8mm goldSwarovski goldCrystal goldball goldwith goldbicones goldon goldeach goldsides goldon golda gold16" goldgold goldfilled goldchain. gold goldEnds goldof goldchain goldalso goldhave goldSwarovski goldbicone goldaccents.\r\rShown goldin goldOlivine goldAB.\r\rAvailable goldin goldAquamarine, goldAquamarine goldAB, goldCopper, goldCrystal, goldCrystal goldAB, goldCrystal goldGolden goldShadow, goldFuchsia goldAB, goldIndian goldPink goldAB, goldIndian goldSapphire, goldLight goldRose goldAB, goldLight goldRose goldSatin, goldOlivine, goldOlivine goldAB.\r\rPlease goldspecify goldcolor goldwhen goldordering.

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