Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Vintage Sterling Silver Monogram Round Earrings MMcC



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Vintage vintagesterling vintagesilver vintageearrings vintagethat vintageare vintagemonogrammed vintagewith vintageMMcC. vintageThey vintageare vintagealso vintagemarked vintageon vintagethe vintagereverse vintagewith vintagea vintagehallmark vintageI vintagecan't vintagemake vintageout. vintageThe vintageearrings vintagemeasure vintage3/4"w. vintageand vintageare vintagefinished vintagewith vintagescrewbacks. vintageThere vintageare vintagesome vintagemarks vintageof vintagetarnish vintageon vintagethe vintagefront vintageof vintageeach vintageearring. vintageThere vintageare vintagealso vintagesome vintagescuffs/scratches vintagefrom vintagenormal vintageusage vintagewear.

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