Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 1950s Pin and Earrings Setgold vermeil, Gold FILIGREE Brooch & Earringsgold vermeil, w RHINESTONESgold vermeil, Western Germany



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Beautifully gold vermeildetailed gold vermeil1950\u2019s gold vermeilWestern gold vermeilGerman gold vermeilpin gold vermeiland gold vermeilearring gold vermeilset gold vermeilwith gold vermeilglittering gold vermeilrhinestones gold vermeiland gold vermeilgold gold vermeilfiligree. gold vermeilMarked gold vermeilon gold vermeilthe gold vermeilback gold vermeilWestern gold vermeilGermany. gold vermeilThe gold vermeilclip gold vermeilon gold vermeilearrings gold vermeilare gold vermeilalso gold vermeilhallmarked gold vermeilW. gold vermeilGermany gold vermeiland gold vermeilthe gold vermeilpin gold vermeilback gold vermeilhas gold vermeila gold vermeilgood gold vermeilsafety gold vermeilcatch.The gold vermeilpin gold vermeilmeasures gold vermeil1 gold vermeil5/8" gold vermeillong gold vermeilx gold vermeil1 gold vermeil1/8" gold vermeiland gold vermeilthe gold vermeilearrings gold vermeilare gold vermeilan gold vermeilinch gold vermeilin gold vermeillength.

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