Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swarovski crystal, Acorn II Necklace - made with Swarovski Crystals



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Made acornwith acornSterling acornSilver, acornpewter acornand acornSwarovski acornCrystals.\r\rFeatures acornAcorn acorncharm acornwith acorn2 acornaccent acorncrystals.\r\rShown acornin acornAquamarine acornAB acornwith acorn16" acornSterling acornSilver acornchain. acornChain acornfeatures acornlobster acornclasp acornwith acorn2 acornsmall acorncrystal acornaccents acornat acornends.\r\rAvailable acornin acornAquamarine, acornAquamarine acornAB, acornCopper, acornCrystal, acornCrystal acornAB, acornCrystal acornGolden acornShadow, acornIndian acornPink acornAB, acorn acornLight acornRose acornAB.\r\rPlease acornspecify acorncolor acornwhen acornordering.\r\rNOTE: acornPlease acornallow acornup acornto acorn2 acornweeks acornfor acornproduction acornof acorncustomized acornitems. acorn(Items acornthat acornare acornnot acornordered acornwith acornthe acorncolor(s) acornshown acornare acornconsidered acorncustomized acornitems.) acorn acorn\r\rIf acornyou acornwant acornit acornin acorna acorncolor acornthat acornis acornnot acornlist, acornplease acornconvo acornme acornand acornI acornwill acornbe acornglad acornto acorncustomize acornfor acornyou.

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