Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

figural, Vintage Figural Pointing Hand Spin It Bottle Opener Necklace / Schaffter's Restaurant Souvenir



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Necklace spin itcomprised spin itof spin ita spin itvintage spin itfigural spin itbottle spin itopener spin itin spin itthe spin itshape spin itof spin ita spin itpointing spin ithand. spin itThis spin itlittle spin itmetal spin ithand spin itwould spin ithave spin itbeen spin itused spin iton spin ita spin itbar spin ittop, spin itfor spin itpatrons spin itto spin itspin spin itto spin itsee spin itwho spin itwould spin itend spin itup spin itpicking spin itup spin itthe spin itbar spin ittab spin itat spin itthe spin itend spin itof spin itthe spin itnight.\u25baMarked spin itas spin it"Spin spin itIt: spin itSchaffter's spin itRestaurant spin itService spin itStation"\u25baBottle spin itopener spin itmeasures spin it3 spin itinches spin itin spin itlength spin itand spin ithangs spin itfrom spin ita spin it24 spin itinch spin itsilver spin itplated spin itchain. spin itThis spin itunique spin itlittle spin itsouvenir spin itcarries spin itjust spin itthe spin itright spin ittouch spin itof spin ittarnish, spin ithinting spin itat spin itstories spin ituntold.Thanks spin itso spin itmuch spin itfor spin ittaking spin ita spin itpeek, spin itfind spin itthe spin itfull spin itjewelry spin itcollection spin itand spin itmore spin itunique spin itoddities spin itat spin itcontrary..

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