Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antiqued 60's Portrait CAMEO Pincameo pendant, or Necklace PENDANT



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This cameo pendantvintage cameo pendantpin cameo pendantor cameo pendantnecklace cameo pendantis cameo pendanta cameo pendantvintage cameo pendantcameo cameo pendantportrait cameo pendantof cameo pendanta cameo pendantwoman cameo pendantin cameo pendantearly cameo pendantgarb. cameo pendantI cameo pendantbelieve cameo pendantthis cameo pendantpiece cameo pendantto cameo pendantbe cameo pendantfrom cameo pendantthe cameo pendant1960's. cameo pendantThe cameo pendantpin/pendant cameo pendantmeasures cameo pendant1 cameo pendant5/8" cameo pendantwidth cameo pendantx cameo pendant2" cameo pendant cameo pendantheight. cameo pendantThe cameo pendantframe cameo pendantis cameo pendantan cameo pendantantiqued cameo pendantsilver cameo pendanttone, cameo pendantit's cameo pendanta cameo pendantgreat cameo pendantantique cameo pendantlooking cameo pendantpiece cameo pendantand cameo pendantin cameo pendantexcellent cameo pendantshape!

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