Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho necklace, Vintage 70's 80's ZEBRA Boomerang HIPSTER Pendant Necklace w Hand Painting



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This boho necklacefun boho necklaceto boho necklacewear boho necklacenecklace boho necklaceis boho necklacemade boho necklaceof boho necklaceenameled boho necklacemetal boho necklacewith boho necklaceblack boho necklaceand boho necklacewhite boho necklacebeads. boho necklaceThis boho necklacewas boho necklaceoriginally boho necklacepurchased boho necklacein boho necklacethe boho necklaceearly boho necklace1980's. boho necklaceThe boho necklacependant boho necklacemeasures boho necklace2 boho necklace3/4" boho necklaceat boho necklaceits boho necklacewidest boho necklaceand boho necklacethe boho necklacelength boho necklaceis boho necklacearound boho necklace4.5". boho necklaceThe boho necklacebeads boho necklaceare boho necklaceblack boho necklaceplastic.The boho necklacelength boho necklaceis boho necklace22". boho necklaceSecure boho necklacesafety boho necklacecatch. boho necklaceNo boho necklacechips boho necklaceor boho necklacewear. boho necklaceGreat boho necklace80's boho necklacemodern boho necklacedesign!Like boho necklacethis boho necklaceitem boho necklaceand boho necklacelooking boho necklacefor boho necklacemore boho necklacelike boho necklaceit? boho necklaceAre boho necklaceyou boho necklacea boho necklacedealer boho necklaceand boho necklacewant boho necklaceto boho necklacebuy boho necklacein boho necklacequantity? boho necklaceCheck boho necklaceout boho necklaceour boho necklacenew boho necklacestore boho necklaceon boho necklaceetsy boho necklacefor boho necklacewholesale boho necklacevintage boho necklacepurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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