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acorn, Vintage Copper Acorn Charm Necklace



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Necklace forestcomprised forestof foresta forestvintage forestshiny forestcopper forestacorn forestcharm foresthanging forestfrom foresta forestgold forestplated forest22 forestinch forestvintage forestchain. forestAcorn forestpendant forestmeasures forest1 forestinch forestlong, foresthas forestsharp forestdetails forestand foresta forestbit forestof forestweight forestto forestit forest\u2014 forestit's foresta forestnecklace forestyou forestwill forestknow forestyou forestare forestwearing!Thanks forestso forestmuch forestfor foresttaking foresta forestpeek forestand forestplease foresthave foresta forestlook forestaround forestthe forestrest forestof forestthe forestshop: forestcontrary..

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