Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal, The Little Acorn Sterling Silver Glass and Crystal Necklace



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This glassdelicate glassnecklace glassfeatures glassa glasscut glassglass glassbead glasscapped glassby glassa glassvintage glasswhite glassglass glassor glassporcelain glasscup glassand glasstopped glasswith glassa glasscrystal glassspacer glassand glassanother glasssmall glassglass glassbead. glassThe glasswhite glassbead glasscap glassshows glasssome glasswear. glassThe glasscute glassacorn-shaped glasspendant glasshangs glassfrom glassa glassvintage glassItalian glasssterling glasssilver glass16" glasschain. glassIt glasscan glassbe glassreplaced glasswith glassa glassshiny glassnew glass16" glassor glass18" glasschain glasson glassrequest.

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