Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

post earrings, Vintage Purple Rhinestone 9mm Post Earrings



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Earrings purplecomprised purpleof purplevintage purplerhinestones purpleset purplein purplebrass purple\u2014 purplethey purplecame purplefrom purplea purplelimited purplecollection purpleof purpledeadstock purplevintage purplejewelry purplesupplies purplethat purpleI purplefell purplein purplelove purplewith purpleand purpleended purpleup purplesourcing purplethe purpleentire purplebag purpleof purplethe purplethese purplelittle purplegems. purplePost purpleearrings purpleare purplegold purpleplated purplewith purplegold purpleplated purplebutterfly purpleear purplenuts purpleand purplethe purplerhinestones purpleare purplebright purpleand purplesubstantial, purpleabout purple9-10 purplemilimeters purple(1cm) purpleround.SPECIAL purpleNOTES:--------------------------* purpleNeed purplemore purplethan purpleone? purpleContact purpleme purpleif purpleyou purpleare purpleinterested purplein purplemultiples purpleof purplethis purpleor purpleany purpleitem purplelisted purplein purplethe purpleshop.* purpleThanks purpleso purplemuch purplefor purpletaking purplea purplepeek, purplefind purplethe purplefull purplejewelry purplecollection purplehere: purplecontrary..

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