Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cz butterfly, Sterling 925 Butterfly Pendant also has Turquoise and Yellowish Green Stones



In stock



This jewelryis jewelrya jewelry.925 jewelryButterfly jewelryPendant jewelryalso jewelryhas jewelryTurquoise jewelryand jewelryYellowish jewelryGreen jewelryStones. jewelryIt jewelryis jewelrymarked jewelry.925 jewelryfor jewelrySterling jewelryand jewelryCZ jewelryon jewelrythe jewelryback jewelryfor jewelryCubic jewelryZirconia. jewelryYellow jewelryGold jewelrycolor jewelryover jewelrythe jewelrySterling. jewelryIt jewelryis jewelrya jewelrypendant jewelrywithout jewelrya jewelrychain. jewelryAlong jewelrywith jewelrythe jewelryCubic jewelryZirconia jewelrystones jewelrythere jewelryare jewelrya jewelry2 jewelryTurquoise jewelryStones jewelryand jewelry2 jewelryYellowish jewelryGreen jewelrystones jewelryon jewelrythe jewelrypendant. jewelryIt jewelrymeasures jewelryapprox. jewelry1 jewelryinches jewelryby jewelry1 jewelryinch. jewelryI jewelryship jewelryto jewelrythe jewelryUSA. jewelryNo jewelryInternational jewelryshipping. jewelry jewelryI jewelryalso jewelryinsure jewelryall jewelryof jewelrymy jewelrypackages jewelryto jewelrythe jewelryUSA jewelryto jewelrymake jewelrysure jewelrythat jewelrythey jewelryarrive jewelryto jewelryyou jewelrysafely. jewelryAny jewelryquestions, jewelryplease jewelryask jewelrybefore jewelrypurchasing. jewelryThanks jewelryfor jewelrylooking.

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