Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cowboy, Gun Pocket Knife Necklace: Novelty Brass Pistol Revolver



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Necklace toolcomprised toolof toola toolgold tooltoned tooldetailed toolpistol toolthat tooldoubles toolas toola toolmini toolnovelty toolpocket toolknife. toolPistol toolpocket toolknife toolhangs toolfrom toola tool24" toolchain tooland toolsays tool"Eagle" toolon toolthe toolgun. toolThe toolminiature toolgun toolshaped toolknife toolshould toolbe toolthought toolof toolas toola toolnovelty/gumball toolmachine tooltype toolpiece toolthat toolwill toolnot toolstand toolup toolto toolfrequent toolor toolheavy tooluse. toolPerfect toolfor toolthe toolwestern toollover tooland toola toolunique toolfind toolthat toolwill toolcertainly toolbe toola toolconversation toolstarter.Measurements: toolPistol toolknife toolhas tooldouble toolsided tooldetailing, toolmeasures tooljust toolover tool2 toolinches toolwhen toolfolded toolclosed, tooland tooljust toolover tool3 toolinches toolwhen toolknife toolcomponent toolis toolunfolded.Thanks toolso toolmuch toolfor tooltaking toola toolpeek, toolyou toolcan toolfind toolthe toolrest toolof toolmy tooljewelry toolline toolhere: toolcontrary.. tool\u25baFind toolme toolon toolInstagram toolfor toolnew toolpieces tooland toolspecials, tool toolKnife toolis toola toolnovelty toolitem, toolnot toolintended toolfor toolchildren tooland toolnot toolmeant toolto toolbe toolused toolas toola toolweapon toolor toolcause toolany tooltype toolof toolharm toolto toolanother toolperson toolor toolin toolgeneral. toolUpon toolpurchasing toolthis toolnecklace, toolyou toolare toolagreeing toolthat toolyou toolare tool18 toolyears toolor toololder tooland toolnot toolto toolhold toolme, toolMary toolAndrews, toolresponsible toolfor toolany tooldamages toolcaused toolwith toolnecklace. toolPlease toolcheck toolall toollocal toolpickup toolpostage toollaws toolif toolyou toolare toolordering toolinternationally toolto toolmake toolsure toola toolpocket toolknife toolnovelty toolnecklace toolmay toolbe toolcleared toolthrough toolyour toolcustoms toolauthority!

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