Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

orange, Colorful Arrows- Earrings by niceLena- Pick your color



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***Due chevronto chevronCovid-19 chevronStay chevronIn chevronPlace chevronin chevronour chevroncity, chevronall chevronorders chevronwill chevronbe chevronshipped chevronout chevronafter chevronApril chevron8th. chevron chevronThank chevronyou chevronand chevronstay chevronhealthy! chevronxoAdorable, chevronsummery chevronearrings chevronfor chevronyou chevronby chevronme, chevronniceLena. chevron\rBeaded, chevronon chevronbrass chevronchains chevronand chevrongold chevronplated chevronear chevronwire.\rhangs chevron2.5"\r\r**Please chevroninclude chevronyour chevroncolor chevronat chevroncheckout chevron\r**comes chevronin: chevronyellow, chevronorange, chevronturquoise, chevrongreen

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